Norman the One-Eyed Horse

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Based on a true story, this heartwarming tale tells the story of Prudence and her horse Norman, a great riding team. That is until Norman is told that he can no longer jump because an eye infection threatens his vision.


Determined to prove the doctor wrong and afraid of losing Prudence, Norman goes out into the field every day to practice jumping only to fall each time.


Norman and Prudence show that with a little hard work and a good friend who believes in you, you can overcome any obstacle.

The second in the Norman series of children’s books, this is an empowering tale that not only helps young readers learn how to deal with bullies but also suggests what makes them so and how to bring about positive changes.


Norman and his horse pals welcome new stable mate, Brutus, a champion show jumper with a big chip on his shoulder but no rider in his saddle. After Brutus plays a mean trick on him, Norman figures out how to help Brutus change his bullying ways with a little help from Prudence, and the two horses soon become fast friends.

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"Norman and the Bully"

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